Luxury Trap (Lyxfällan)

Luxury Trap (Lyxfällan)

TV3 Sweden


On a mission to get households out of the red — and that means shaping up and making some pretty drastic changes to their spending habits.

The Luxury Trap is a reality show that gets up close and personal with the lifestyles of people with spending problems and our financial advisors untangle budget snarls and financial chaos. They pinpoint the trouble spots the various target households face and present them with customised solutions that will force them to make sacrifices in some way, both big and small.

Our households need to be actively involved in order to get back on their feet again. The advisors focus on changing ingrained behaviour patterns and modifying attitudes, but they also take charge of the finances of the households involved. The Luxury Trap is a feel-good show that will inspire viewers and provide them with lots of helpful pointers in the fight against debt.

Season 21 (2016).

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