Agneta’s New Year Goodies

In Agneta’s New Year Goodies we are saluting all our funny bloopers and mistakes we’ve made at TV4 thru the year. The host Agneta Sjödin invites Sweden’s most beloved celebrities and look back at all the hilarious moments.

Leila’s Superfood

In Leila Lindholm’s new program series, she shows in a simple and inspiring way how you cook clean food without additives. She assumes clean food and many of the dishes are both Raw food, vegetarian and vegan without even thinking about it. Most recipe is based on vegetable oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. Although free from white sugar, and many of them are gluten free.

Culture Shock Sweden (Allt för Sverige)

Eleven Swedish-Americans travels to Sweden for the adventure of the Life time – to experience the country where they have their roots. Emotions, tears, lessons, cultural clashes and a lot of laughter mixed with competitions connected to Swedish customs and myths. Host is Anders Lundin.


Emmy-awarded for Best Non Scripted Entertainment in November 2016.


The Gladiators

The Gladiators is an  television program based on the format American Gladiators and is aired on Swedish TV4 since 2000. The series matched a cast of amateur athletes against each other, as well as against the show’s own gladiators, in contests of strength and agility.

Meter Television have produced the series from Karlstad and Sundsvall since 2012,

Luxury Trap (Lyxfällan)

On a mission to get households out of the red — and that means shaping up and making some pretty drastic changes to their spending habits.

The Luxury Trap is a reality show that gets up close and personal with the lifestyles of people with spending problems and our financial advisors untangle budget snarls and financial chaos. They pinpoint the trouble spots the various target households face and present them with customised solutions that will force them to make sacrifices in some way, both big and small.

Our households need to be actively involved in order to get back on their feet again. The advisors focus on changing ingrained behaviour patterns and modifying attitudes, but they also take charge of the finances of the households involved. The Luxury Trap is a feel-good show that will inspire viewers and provide them with lots of helpful pointers in the fight against debt.

Season 21 (2016).

See previous episodes of Luxury Trap (Lyxfällan) on the program’s website.