Together against cancer

In cooperation with The Swedish Cancer Society the broadcast presents people with cancer and scientist as well as celebrities and we hope to gather monthly donors to the important work to support the best research and for more knowledge about cancer.

Stars in the castle

The cameras get up-close-and-personal in this tribute to Sweden’s finest entertainment talent. For one week only, five stars move into an authentic fairytale castle, unaware of the other stars they will be sharing it with.

Each episode will see one star rule the roost: picking the day’s activities, the menu for dinner and the topic of conversation for the evening.

After breakfast the stars get ready to leave for the chosen activity and spend the day together according to the star’s wishes. Then after returning to the castle, they all dress for dinner and the cameras record their spontaneous conversations during the rest of the evening. A fascinating insight into the star’s love, life and career makes for heart-warming and engaging viewing.

Baby Boom

Documentaries on three large families that have to find original solutions to solve everyday lofe problems.

Great Swedish Bake off

Swedish amateur bakers compete against eachother to impress the jury and win the opportunity to release a baking book.


Master Chef Junior Sweden

Young super-cooks face challenges ranging from the technical to the spectacular, proving that when it comes to great cooking, age doesn’t matter.

Mandelmann’s Farm

Home-baked, homemade, homebuilt, locally cultivated and hundreds of animals to be cared for. These are some of the activities at Mandelmanns farm where Gustav and Marie with their hands as the main tool runs a self-sufficient farm at Österlen in Skåne.