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Send in your idea to our development department. They are under a demanding workload and therefore may take a while to respond. The development process is done during an extended period so please be patient.

I ) I acknowledge and accept that any and each concept, format, design, structure, character, idea, scene, plot, and/or other similar element contained in the information I submit (the “Material”) to Meter Television AB via this web portal may be similar or identical to other elements and/or formats which Meter Television AB /or any of it’s affiliates is contemplating or in the process of developing and/or commercially exploiting.
II ) I hereby confirm that the Material is submitted solely on my own initiative and that the Material has not been solicited by Meter Television AB.
III ) I guarantee that I, unless otherwise agreed in writing, shall not at any point in time make any claim against Meter Television AB and/or its affiliates in respect of the Material. This guarantee applies in perpetuity.
IV ) These terms apply to all Material submitted to company name, regardless of whether the Material is sent via this web portal or by any other method for example but not limited to e-mail, regular mail etc.

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