01 Mar 2016

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A simple rule is that a good

01 Mar 2016

A simple rule is that a good idea is told in a few sentences. We get hundreds of ideas every year. A common question is how to protect the idea. In addition to the Swedish Copyright Act there is unfortunately no system for it.

We often receive ideas that already have been produced in Sweden or in another country, which already have been turned down or that are not sufficiently unique or do not have sufficient originality. For a fruitful cooperation, confidence, trust and communication is crucial. Due to the large number of ideas that pass our office every month, we need a short description of your idea. A half A4 is all that is needed.

Try to define what it is that is unique. If we feel that your idea fits us and the need of a channel, we will find time for a meeting to determine way for further cooperation.

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